Civil War in the Scattered Disk!

The inhabitants of Sedna have declared their independence from the Scattered Worlds Alliance, and Katelyn Evans is caught in the crossfire.
The new Free Disk holds her family hostage, forcing Katelyn and the crew of the Bonanza into gun-running for the dwarf planet.
Before she has a chance to recover from this new development, someone from her past resurfaces, and Katelyn finds herself activated as an agent for Division 99.

Just as things can't get any worse...the Federation sends in the TSS Normandy to restore order--no matter the cost. With Williams and the 242 aboard, victory is all but assured. 

Except for one little thing.

Someone else is behind the altercation — someone who wants both sides to fail.
Harm Ellis enlists the aid of a shadow organization that once operated in a distant star system to help end the madness, before both the Federation and the Scattered Disk fall.

And that means Katelyn will have to team up with her once-nemesis, Williams.

Only suddenly, he's not looking so bad, after all....
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