Book 1 in the Sol Dissolution series is LIVE!

The book reached #1 in a few categories on Amazon this week, which made my day!

There are two protagonists in this book, and they're being pitted against each other, manipulated by an antagonist that fans of the core Aeon 14 series will recognize (HINT: His initials are URDON)

I'm writing the character on the cover, Katelyn Evans. If you've read any of the core Aeon 14 books, you might recognize her older brother: Joe Evans, Tanis's husband.
Katelyn is a pilot and a smuggler for the Scattered Worlds resistance, and she's arrived on Venus to deliver a very important package to the soldiers fighting there.

Mal is writing the chapters that feature Williams, a Gunnery Sergeant in the Terran Space Force's Marines. His orders are to capture that package and shut the resistance down, by any means.

The book is packed with excitement, adventure, action, and — you guessed it — some sexual tension between the two!

Of course, we couldn't resist throwing in a surprise twist at the end....

Venusian Uprising is free in KU, or you can purchase a copy (with my eternal thanks) by clicking here.

Disclosure: this is an affiliate link from Amazon, which means I will receive a small commission if you click on it and make a purchase.

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